Juicy Lucy Burger and Sides

The summer jumped upon us. Last week I was still wrapping up of an evening against the chill. I went away for a few days and Malta went through a changing room moment!!! What happened???   SO, being a Brit abroad, SUN = BBQ.   I thought I would kick off the start of summer with a very ...Read More

Nicely Tipsy Strawberry Trifle

It’s coming to that time of year when we have more public holidays, families and friends come out of hibernation and we all start meeting again. Although, in the 8 years I have been in Malta I have to say this has been the most miserable and grey winter I have experienced. On the plus side, maybe ...Read More

Prawns in Sweet Soy Sauce with Udon Noodles

Oh my. I discovered this recipe by complete accident and have already made it 3 times including for my sister in laws birthday where it went down a treat.   So, after a long day at work very unusually I didn’t feel like cooking at all. But, needs must so I got home, had lots of love from my...Read More


I thought I would do a couple of easy and filling weekend, or indeed weekday, lunch rolls.   If, like us, a Saturday morning is spent either walking the dogs, cleaning the house or generally catching up on a weeks’ worth of errands there is nothing nicer than coming home to a lovely shared ...Read More

Shrove Tuesday

Being English I never realised how big Carnival was until I lived in Malta. It was ALL about the pancakes. I remember rushing home from school and making sure the batter was waiting for after dinner. What fun.   Since I’ve grown up we have shared pancake parties through the years and I beli...Read More

Qarabaghli Mimli – Stuffed Round Courgettes

  Hmmmmmm what nicer meal to prepare for a cwtchy (welsh word for cuddly) night in.........I love the time this takes to prepare and the wonderful aromas it creates from start to finish. It is one of the first meals I prepare as soon as the weather cools and I can stand to be in the kitchen ...Read More

Happy New Year

Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in getting the blog started, there have been issues with the technical side and above all, I was without access to a computer for much of December. Definitely back on track now.   I had a wonderful Christmas shared with friends and family and en...Read More

Cranberry Christmas

Unintentionally, this year, almost all my baking has contained cranberries. Christmas cake, Maltese Chocolate log, Biscotti, and I was in tempted to use them in my English chocolate log but I refrained!! All these cranberries and I haven't even started on the savouries, they will come soon.   ...Read More

Cath’s Kitchen Corner

So it love of food and the kitchen is finally being shared.   I have always loved food and growing up on a slightly larger island than Malta, the UK, in the '70s the food could be rather bland. As was the case in my home anyway.   My father was a traditional Welsh...Read More

Welcome to the Jesper’s Blog

Hi everyone!   As you might have already noticed, from last week we have rolled out our revitalized website.   As part of our updated website, we have included this new blog section. Our friend Cathryn Jeremy shall be taking care of this section with her recipes and sharing the...Read More