Cath’s Kitchen Corner

Cath’s Kitchen Corner

So it starts… love of food and the kitchen is finally being shared.


I have always loved food and growing up on a slightly larger island than Malta, the UK, in the ’70s the food could be rather bland. As was the case in my home anyway.


My father was a traditional Welshman and meat and 2 veg would always suffice. He would always comment there was no need for that foreign nonsense. For my mum, the less time spent in the kitchen the better and so their marriage regarding food was a content one!


I used to love Sunday afternoons as this was my time in the kitchen and I would try my hand at different foods. Now I wish every day was a Sunday afternoon.


After leaving home I experimented more with my cooking and certainly my love for it grew and grew. It wasn’t until I moved to Malta almost 8 years ago that my true appreciation for Mediterranean foods was born. I thought I had found heaven, an island with an eclectic mix of foods and yet still so traditional AND a family who enjoyed food. Fantastic.


When I was offered the opportunity of writing the blog there was no way I was going to turn it down. My head starting getting dizzy with favorite recipes, new foods and above all sharing the love of food.


I want to share my memories of childhood (not the home recipes), what I’ve experienced through travel and most importantly what I’ve shared with friends and family over the years.


So here’s to a new sharing experience. Not all the recipes will be my own, many will be tweaked and some of the recipes will not suit everyone, but I do hope the blog opens up good discussions for a shared love of food. I am truly looking forward to meeting you all over a plate of pasta or a yummy family day ross fil-forn.





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  • One of my favourite childhood memories are at my grandma on the roof eating her hobz biz-zejt…. nothing to fancy: fresh tomatoes, olive oil (if not sunflower oil back then!) and lots of pepper and salt.

    Hobz biz-zejt is just that to me: people chuckling, listening about my aunts and uncles childhood days, war stories from nannu and cousin fights 🙂

    Thanks for triggering this memory if nothing else x

    Good luck with your blog.

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