Juicy Lucy Burger and Sides

Juicy Lucy Burger and Sides

The summer jumped upon us. Last week I was still wrapping up of an evening against the chill. I went away for a few days and Malta went through a changing room moment!!! What happened???
SO, being a Brit abroad, SUN = BBQ.
I thought I would kick off the start of summer with a very easy, enticing juicy burger recipe and a coleslaw side. As a family we have been making the juicy lucy’s for the past few years and everyone has their own favorite filling. Personally it’s blue cheese all the way for me whereas other members prefer a cheddar or even a smooth creamy mozzarella. The combinations are endless.
I love making up a fresh coleslaw with the burger, frying some onions and a green salad. The colors are beautiful and everyone is happy.
Recipe – makes 4 burgers
– 600g of fresh ground beef
– 200g frozen ground beef (this has a higher fat content which works well for the burgers)
– Cheese of your choice
– Salt pepper and garlic salt
Mix the two ground mince together adding salt pepper and garlic salt to taste
Make 2 patties with the beef, make one a little smaller than the other and ensure they aren’t thicker than 1cm as you want the cheese inside to melt
Add the cheese to the middle of the larger pattie and don’t be afraid to stack it a little
Press the smaller pattie on top and seal so the cheese doesn’t ooze whilst cooking
Leave the burgers to rest in the fridge for at least half an hour as this prevents them breaking during cooking
When ready to cook the burgers take them out of the fridge and place them on the hot grill. After cooking on one side for approx. 3 mins turn the burgers a quarter turn and leave for another minute.
Grilled burgers
Turn the burgers and repeat.
Don’t forget the cheese will be very hot when you bite in to the burger. It may be safer to cut in half and enjoy that way.
Roasted Garlic Mayo
Easy peasy!!!!!
Roast a clove of garlic for approx. 20 mins at 180 degrees
Once soft take out the pulp mash until smooth and add mayo and mix

Crunchy Coleslaw
– 3 carrots grated
– 1 apple grated
– Half a red cabbage finely sliced
– ½ – 1 onion finely sliced
– 1 dessert spoon of Dijon mustard
– Enough mayo to mix all the ingredients together
Once all the ingredients have been prepared mix with the mustard and the mayo and leave in the fridge until it is required.

What I love about all these recipes is that they can be prepared ahead of time so whether you are entertaining or looking to eat when you get home from work, it’s all waiting for you in the fridge.
Enjoy the start to what seems to be a very hot summer!!!!!!
Juicy Lucy Burger and Sides

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