Nicely Tipsy Strawberry Trifle

Nicely Tipsy Strawberry Trifle

It’s coming to that time of year when we have more public holidays, families and friends come out of hibernation and we all start meeting again. Although, in the 8 years I have been in Malta I have to say this has been the most miserable and grey winter I have experienced. On the plus side, maybe everywhere stays a little greener for a little longer. Issa naraw!
This recipe I made for my Birthday this year and it went down a treat. It is really easy to make and the outcome is impressive. As we have the strawberries abundantly available there is no better way to enjoy them I say.
I made a very large one so for these ingredients I have halved everything but what’s nice about its simplicity is you can basically do it as you please. You may even choose different fillings, let me know what works for you.
For the filling I use EITHER white chocolate drops OR amaretti biscuits, both work very well with the strawberries and nuts. Obviously if you have people with nut allergies you can leave these out. Another little tip, I think if you have a dinner party these will be fantastic served as individual desserts served in glasses so you get the same effect on the outside.
500g (at least) of Strawberries
Alcohol of your choice, used as you wish! My favorite is Ameretto
1 large ready-made madeira cake
2 tubs of double cream or whipping cream
100g Icing sugar
200g crushed hazelnuts
200g amaretti biscuits or white chocolate drops
– Begin by preparing the strawberries, remove the tops and cut in half 250g of the strawberries and the remainder cut into small pieces.
– The small pieces of strawberries are going to be place in a bowl and covered in your chosen tipple. Leave at least 20 minutes.
– Whisk the cream in a bowl along with the icing sugar and a little more alcohol if you choose. Whisk until you have a fairly stiff consistency.
– Begin preparing the trifle bowl by cutting the madeira cake into 1.5 cm slices and cover the bottom of the bowl
– Place the cut strawberries around the outside of the bowl with the inside (flat side) facing outward.
– Place a layer of the strawberry pieces over the cake, add the nuts and biscuits or nuts and cover the filling with the cream mix so that it come to the top of the outer strawberries.
– Repeat the layering process with 2 more layers of the madeira cake. Make sure you gently push the sponge down so the cream oozes between the side strawberries.
– Finish the top off with cream and sprinkle the nuts and white chocolate.

Strawberry Trifle Strawberry Trifle

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  • Wow goes well as a Sunday lunch sweet… Must give it a try. However, if you are not fond of amaretto what would you suggest Catherine? Might a brandy work well instead?


    Sabrina x

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