> Jesper’s Oats and Wholemeal Loaf

Jesper’s Oats and Wholemeal Loaf

Our Oats and wholemeal Loaf has been designed specifically with your vitality in mind. Simply replacing your regular bread with this wholemeal, very low salt bread with oats is one step towards a healthier diet.

Reducing consumption of sodium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure. It is recommended that our daily salt intake is limited to a maximum of 6g for adults and 4g for children. Wholemeal and oat flours used in baking and whole oats provide a combination of soluble and inslouble dietary fibre.

Low in Fat.
Low in Sugars.
A source of Fibre.
Very low Salt.

Item no 101520 slc Oats and WM Jesper's 450g

Nutritional Information

Calories 56kcal 3% Sugars 0.4g <1%
Fat 0.8g 1% Saturates 0.0g <0%
Salt 0.025g <1% Fibre 1.3g 5%
* above info is based on a 26g slice and of an adult's guideline daily amount..