Our Mission and Quality Policy

To celebrate talent and tradition, we are committed to being socially responsible with respect to our clients, employees and the environment.

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Our values

We have full respect in both hand crafted bread as well as bread produced by modern technology. At Jesper’s we combine innovative technologies with the expertise of artisan bakers.




We combine baking expertise and top grade raw materials to give our customers the best quality and large variety of baked goods

Our Breads

Our Breads

Selection of breads.

A large variety of healthy and wholesome breads, fit for breakfast, meals and snacks.

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Our Pastries

Our Pastries

Homemade confectionery

Decadent and delicious.

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Our Pastries

Food Quality Policy

At Danish Bakery Limited we are passionate about the quality of our bread and confectionery products. We insist on selecting the right raw material available, using manufacturing techniques to process them consistently to high quality finish.

We apply an equal passion to our customers service standards so that our “Jesper’s” branded and other products are fresh and available at all times.

We take every opportunity to assess, and where necessary, improve our product quality and service in order to be first for choice in an increasingly competitive market place.

Through continual improvement, training and product development, we strive to optimise customer satisfaction and at the same time endeavour to create pride and process ownership across all levels of staff and management.

We encourage open and honest feedback from all parties in order to ensure that we maintain our customer focus and also ensure that any non-conformities are quickly resolved and not repeated. This feedback enables us to drive continual improvement through our business in order to keep pace with ever increasing demands.

Quality is a primary focus of our business and our definition of quality includes wholesome, tasty, nutritious, safe and legal products. Danish Bakery Limited is committed to comply to regulatory and statutory requirements including ISO 9001:2015.


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